Tuesday, 18 April 2017

How To Care Your Beauty In Summer?

How To Care Your Beauty In Summer?

As winter needs special skin care ,summer also needs some special makeup and skin care to face the needs of skin in the harsh season.In summer eye shadow melt and form a greasy body on your eyeball ,your skin looks oily and tired .So here are some tips to prevent these things in summer.

Frozen Tomatoes:
How To Care Your Beauty In Summer?

Excess heat and hot season cause the skin to look tired and pores more prominent.If you return home after a hot day out then rub a frozen slice of tomato on your face  you can look fresher and the skin will also look fresh and clear.

Yogurt Mask:
How To Care Your Beauty In Summer?

In summers frequently use (at least once a week) yogurt mask on your face .For this you need 2 spoons of yogurt and mix juice of half lemon and apply this on face and wash with Luke water .This is the best beauty tips for summer season.

For Oily Scalp:
How To Care Your Beauty In Summer?

In summer the most irritating problem most of girls face is oily scalp if you are one of those girls then use some baby powder and carefully apply on the scalp and here you go with fresh and non oily scalp .

Be Hydrated:

Drink lots of water, fresh juice and consume loads of vegetable salads and fruit salads.Consuming fresh fruits, juices and veggies will clear your body from toxins and will also keep you hydrated.

Protect your eyes and hair:

How To Care Your Beauty In Summer?

If you are going out for a long time, ensure that you wear shades to protect your eyes and a scarf or a hat to protect your hair, face and eyes. Carry a hair spritz to tame the untidy mane and nourish your hair instantly.

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