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How I Eliminated Bad Breath Forever In One Month

How I Eliminated Bad Breath Forever In One Month

How I Eliminated Bad Breath Forever In One Month

There are many causes of bad bread it may cause due to bad oral hygiene or bad stomach health.It is impossible to eliminate your problem in days it cause minimum a month to eliminate if you are trying to eliminate it not removing it for a day. Today I am sharing my story how I suffered and how I eliminated bad breath forever.Today after 8 months I am enjoying my life and I feel more confident.

I was suffering from bad breath from 4 years I tried every reedy and different types of medicines to eliminate the bad breath but the problem remained same.I tried mouth washes , freshening toothpaste and breath freshers but it was only workable for few hours and the bad breath raised just after two hours so I started to brush my teeth thrice a day it was also un-effective.

The I read a book and I came to know that my problem was entirely different and I was trying something else.

I found that my bad breath was due to bad health of stomach I had completed a two months antibacterial medicine therefore my good bacteria's had also vanished therefore my stomach was causing bad breath.
What I Tried ?

I started to take good bacteria in me I took a cup of yogurt every day for a month and also took pickles two times a day.I also finished a bottle of cabbage pickle with that.In just a month I felt that my bad breath was eliminated.
I started tongue scraper I found a spoon more effective than a ordinary tongue scraper.
Now I am brush my teeth  twice a day and after brushing I use a spoon as a tongue scraper.

Friends if you are also suffering from bad breath then you know that it is a serious problem and we can loose our confidence and friends .You can also try this healthy and easy method to eliminate your problem.

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