Friday, 14 October 2016

Pressure Points For Beautiful And Healthy Skin

Pressure Points For Beautiful And Healthy Skin

You must have heard about pressure points and curing some disease by pressure points.

  • What are pressure points how they are used?

So it is an ancient treatment method of China .The ancient peoples of China use to cure disease and prevent disease by pressing with fingers.They are known as Acupressure points.

Now a days they have suddenly got popularity and many of therapist are using this technique for curing disease ,but they are really easy if you get to know the pressure points for different disease and cures .So here are some acupressure points on your face which can give you healthy and beautiful skin

Pressure Point #01


This is the point between eyebrows on forehead .It stimulates the pituitary gland which is the master endocrine gland to enhance condition of skin.

Pressure Point # 02
Beautify-skin-by pressure-points

This is the other pressure point on your face on sides of nose on right below the cheekbones .It reveals acne sagging cheeks and improves facial blood circulation which can directly clear your skin.

Pressure Point #03
Skin-beauty-by pressure-points

This is a pressure point below your ear and on side of your face or you can say on jaw locks.
It balance the thyroid gland to increase luster of skin ,reveal hives.
So these seems interesting I'm gonna try this .