Friday, 9 September 2016

Detox Scalp For Healthy Hairs

Detox Scalp For Healthy Hairs

If your hair is non healthy non healthy means they are falling or look dry or you have any other problem and you have used many hair products to but they didn't gave you a satisfying result then you must try this remedy to detox your hair because most of hair problems cause due to may be clogged pores or dead skin accumulated on your scalp which prevent your scalp to breath.

Ingredients You Need :

1.Baking Soda 1 tablespoon
2.Olive Oil  2 tablespoon
3.Cinnamon Powder  1/4 table spoon

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Direction :

Apply mask on the scalp
Gently massage it with your finger tips
Wrap a shower cap around your head which covers your hair and scalp welly
Leave it for 15 minutes
Wash your hair as ususal using your  shampoo and conditioner

Finish your detox with apple cider vinegar wash  which kills the bacteria on scalp and hair leaving it clean and detoxified.

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