Sunday, 10 July 2016

Easy Recipee Of Arabic Wax

Easy Recipee Of Arabic Wax

Today i am posting the most easy recipee of Arabic sugar wax also known as Halawa Wax.I have tried it and it is awesome it dosen't hurt that much like wax because it only sticks with the hair not with the skin .
It is very cheap method you can make it and store for many weeks.It only costs few cents just you have to make it with correct recipee.

Easy Recipee Of Arabic Wax


Ingredients :

1 cup sugar
A pinch of salt
Two lemons

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1.Grind sugar
2.Put sugar ,pinch of salt 1 cup water and juice of two lemons (small sized one lemon if big sized)
3.Heat till it turns golden
4.Put in a cold plate (put the plate in refrigerator for 2 mins)
5.After it is bearable warm grab from plate .wet your hands and start to mix it with hand until it turn yellowish.
 It is ready!!!
Put small piece on area where waxing is required push the wax on area and pull it .

Easy Recipee Of Arabic Wax

Use it any where except on the face.It is best for hands feet amprits and bikini area.

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