Friday, 31 March 2017

Home Made Beetroot Peel Off Mask

Home Made Beetroot Peel Off Mask 

Home Made Beetroot Peel Off Mask

Beetroot Benefits For Skin:
Beetroots are high in fol ate,vitamin A ,C potassium and manganese.Anti-aging effects by stimulating cell production and repair which can protect your skin from premature aging and wrinkles.
So today I am giving you a recipe to make this rich peel off mask.

Things You Need:
Beetroot 2 big sized
Gelatin Powder 2 spoons
Rose Water 3 spoons

Directions :
Home Made Beetroot Peel Off Mask

Grade the beetroot and extract it's juice by passing from a thin cloth.When you have extracted the juice add 2 spoons of gelatin powder in the liquid containing rose water and beetroot juice 50-50 so that it would make a normal paste.Now after cleansing your face apply this paste to your face.Leave it for 20 minutes after it is completely dried take off the mask and apply rose water to your  face with the help of a cotton ball and tap your skin so that your skin can absorb the rose water .
Home Made Beetroot Peel Off Mask

The mask will leave your skin soft ,gentle and pinkish.

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