Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Beauty Tips Using Orange Peels

Beauty Tips Using Orange Peels

The winter is coming and fresh oranges are coming to market so this winter dont throw your orange peels after eating the orange because they have great uses for beauty purposes.So here are some uses of orange peels .So you must read this article in order to get great benefits from oranges.

Beauty Tips Using Orange Peels

Orange Peel Mask For Beautiful Skin :

Orange peels are great source of vitamin C .To make orange peel mask you need to dry orange peels and grind it well to make fine powder .Mix 1 table spoon of this powder ,half tablespoon turmeric powder and some honey to make a paste.Now apply it on face and wash after 30 minutes with water (cold or warm according to the weather) .

Orange Peel Cleansing :

If you want to use natural products for cleansing then you can make your own at home using orange peel powder.Mix milk ,rosewater and orange peel powder and use it on face .(Use with in a week)
and make a new one after that.

Orange Peels For Blackheads.

You can remove black and whitehead using orange peels.For this mix yogurt and orange peel and apply on face for 15 minutes and wash.Using daily for over a week can minimize blackheads and pore size while using black head nose strips are fast but they can increase pore size.

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